Friday, March 30, 2018

The Two Inch World

Here comes some folks around the world. They are hand made by me out of Beads and are two inch tall.

Just loved how cute the smile of the "Indian Groom" has come out.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bottle Photoframe

Its Christmas Time and Year End and I am slow in posting stuff for my friends....but here is a bottle photo frame which I gifted to my hubby a month back...sorry for the delay..

The birthday message is written on the sea shell scrapbook layout page..whereas the bottle in the middle has the photo in it.
Bottle Photoframe is very simple to make. You need
  1. Empty clear bottle
  2. photo
  3. hot glue gun
  4. string
  5. white stones
  6. buttons and embellishments for decoration
Place the white stones inside the bottle to form a base. Roll your photo neatly so that it can be pushed through the bottle mouth. use a drawing brush to place the photo on the white stones gently and spread/unroll the photo with the brush so that it spreads through the circumference of the bottle. These white stones will give a little height to the photo.
Start decorating your bottle now with strings, ribbons, buttons and anything you may like..

So how many of you are planning to start with a bottle photoframe this weekend?


Sunday, September 30, 2012

My first String heart shaped Lampshade

Lots and Lots of complaints from all my friends and companions...but not to say more I would like to show you my new string lampshade that I made for this festive season.....

Materials used : Cotton String; Fevicol; Balloon

Well this was a lil messy project but I loved the way it turned out n I plan to make some more to hang some diwali lights.

Now jaldi jaldi post your feedback...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long Absence but Iam Back

Hey My,

I know I have been invisible for so so so soooo long time, but I have reasons for it.
My life has been a roller coaster with office, home, work, economy upside downs. But I realized that my passion and my love for crafts and cards can smooth en things out and I have to take time out for it.
No more words to read.. I would quickly display my post for a Good Luck for a RESTART.
Well those branches are made by small golden beads...and did you see my butterfly thts flying between the branches.

and don't forget to see the quilled birds sitting on the branch...

With lot of quilled leaves Iam entering this card for Riley2011-Leaves Challenge

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Doodly Boy Dolls

he he he he..the blog post sounds so ajeeb. Well that was the first thought that came in my mind while writing my blog post.
I want to show you all something..some more craft stuff.....I painted these boy dolls with Oil paints and decorated with stones and beads.. Close your eyes.........Now open pls.....:)) Well I have painted the big guddaas , the smaller ones are readymade.

First Bulk Order of Wedding Invites

Hey Everyone..How are you all.........and did you miss but I missed you all a lot. I have become so bad at blogging but now my blog posts are surprises for you.Coming up with the Wedding Invite Orders I got and I was talking about it for so long. So no more long waiting............Iam posting the pictures of the wedding invites.

First Wedding Invite

I have used very plain pattern for it as I had to prepare 100 of these in 2 days. I have used peacock feather as my main embellishment. The Wedding Invite orange tag has been screen printed and down the card you can see the balaji silver logo to mark the completeness of a wedding invite. I have used a thread to tie the card which will also save your bucks for the envelope :).....

The second wedding invite goes below with same ingrediants.

Very Very thanks to the new followers who have joined my blog. Iam so happy to see you.
Though Iam lil slow on blogging but will not dissapoint you all. Thanks for visiting...
Eagerly waiting for your comments.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Full of Colors on Wedding Day

Hi Everyone,
So here Iam after a long break...........should have been 10 day vacation but went extremely long. Thanks to my office work load. i couldn't even touch my lappi to give you all a post.

Well..........this time Iam here with a Wedding Card for a Friend.
and yes I know you all are eager to see my first wedding invite order..............well...some more waiting and I will be uploading it soon........So keep watching my lil space.
Let me come back to the Wedding card. Its a photo wedding card where I have hand painted the whole card with leaves and flower buds...........and then some scraps from my box.
Iam entering this card for. I hope they like it.
Card Makin Mamas: Challenge 21- Use your scraps
 ICR Challenge 3

and here is the first page of the card.

this is the inside.

my scrappies

I really enjoyed making this border with jute twine.

Huge lot of sentiments.

The first page sentiment.