Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bottle Photoframe

Its Christmas Time and Year End and I am slow in posting stuff for my friends....but here is a bottle photo frame which I gifted to my hubby a month back...sorry for the delay..

The birthday message is written on the sea shell scrapbook layout page..whereas the bottle in the middle has the photo in it.
Bottle Photoframe is very simple to make. You need
  1. Empty clear bottle
  2. photo
  3. hot glue gun
  4. string
  5. white stones
  6. buttons and embellishments for decoration
Place the white stones inside the bottle to form a base. Roll your photo neatly so that it can be pushed through the bottle mouth. use a drawing brush to place the photo on the white stones gently and spread/unroll the photo with the brush so that it spreads through the circumference of the bottle. These white stones will give a little height to the photo.
Start decorating your bottle now with strings, ribbons, buttons and anything you may like..

So how many of you are planning to start with a bottle photoframe this weekend?


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