Monday, June 21, 2010

Laughter makes the world go round

WELCOME ALL. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Hey Ujjwal thanks to you as you have inspired me to create my own blog.
Dedicating one of my creation to this butterfly season.

This card was my attempt with full of water color. All mix match combinations.

Feel free to comment. Your reviews will help me have more fun...
Check it out from inside too...


  1. i like the color combination

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  3. This card is really very beautiful..!!

  4. amazing Pallavi!! great to see you still goin on with ur interests other thn work.... i remember u had sent me a handmade card too... it was a nice blue booklet kinda thing... i still treasure it! keep up the awesome stuff!! cheers :)

  5. This one is the prettiest of the lot I guess....loved the roses and the neat mix match coloring.

    Thank you for mentioning my name and I am so glad that I could inspire you to venture into the world of blogging. I am sure you are gonna have lots of fun :)

    Keep creating !!

  6. nice to visit ur blog.hope to see many more of ur creations.all the best!!

  7. hey pallavi,
    nice 2c dis colorful side of urs,,,, i seriously dnt remember u in d art room doing such beautiful wrk.!!!or do let me know if dere's sum memory trouble here!!:-))i m to almost out of it after college.dis is definitely inspiring ya!!!
    but gud wrk sweety.
    keep updating. will surely b a regular here.

  8. true!!
    Must say am very impressed!!!